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Pastor Kari Bahe

Hold On … But Let Go

“But even the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” Matthew 10:30 Even the hairs of your head are all counted! And if you are losing those hairs….God still knows! It is almost too remarkable to imagine a love that knows you that deeply.  And even more remarkable to know a love that cares enough to know you that deeply.  And yet, that is what Jesus tells us about God. June is the month we celebrate Dads.  Someone once

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Senior Spotlight: Jake Hayes

Life Story: I come from a very … unique background. I am a transgender bisexual man who grew up in the LCMS church. It’s hard to give my life story when my life has just begun. I found my place here at Zion in 10th grade thanks to Lewis. I thank all of you for accepting me and my identity. Next Year Plans: Exciting stuff really. I am going to AMDA College of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California

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Medyka Border Crossing - LWR

Lutheran World Relief in Ukraine

The scenes coming out of Ukraine since the start of the war in late February have deeply moved countless people from around the world. Images of Ukrainians fleeing by foot, car, or train, children and belongings in tow. Videos of Ukrainians sheltering in underground Metro stations, community theaters, and steel plants to escape shelling from heavy artillery, rockets, and airstrikes. Lutheran World Relief is providing food, shelter, critical health needs, emergency supplies, and emergency funds for Ukrainian refugee families in

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Financial Report 2022.04

There is good news and not-so-good news in the financial life of Zion.  The good news is that our expenses have risen because we have almost returned to our staffing and program levels of the past.  It is wonderful to see the many faces visible in all areas of our church.  Our April General Fund income of over $83,000 was significantly greater than what received in April of 2021.   The not-so-good news is that this amount fell short of our

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Dirk Foster

Dirk and Sue Foster have been members of Zion since moving to Buffalo in 1992.  Dirk has served on various committees over the years including on the council on three separate occasions.  Most recently, he served as President of the council in 2019 and 2020.  2022 will be Dirk’s last year on the Council but he will continue to serve on the Property Committee and Cemetery Committee.  He will also stay involved with the Wednesday Morning Workers when his work schedule allows.

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Pastor Kari Bahe

Transition Team Update

June and July are going to be busy months for the members of your Transition Team.  We continue to provide opportunities for more input from you about our next Senior Pastor.  The [CAT] survey results will be back and in a format that will allow us to share them with the congregation.  At the May council meeting, the Call Committee will be appointed (this article is being written prior to that date so look for the announcement of who is

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Excuses from A-Z

For Poor Summer Church Attendance Antique hunting Boating Camping Dog walking Equestrian practice Fishing Gardening Hiking Insect collecting Journey to … Knee-boarding Lake-shore strolling Mutton busting Needlecraft Open air yoga Painting Quadruped riding Running Swimming Traveling Ultimate Frisbee Vacation Water skiing Xploring Minnesota Yard work Zoo visits Life is busy. Summer in Minnesota is even busier with all these activities and more. Please don’t forget God in your busy summer activities. If you can’t make it to Zion as often

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Transition Team Update May 2022

Thank you Zion! We are pleased to announce that 398 of you took advantage of the opportunity to let your views be heard by taking the CAT [Congregational Assessment Tool]. Although we always hope for even more involvement, we are very pleased with this participation.

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Joan Halderson

Entering my second year on Zion’s Church Council, and a second year on the Executive Committee as treasurer, I am thankful for a faith journey that includes the capable people I serve with. It is all a learning experience! I am especially proud of my seven grandchildren (ages 15 to 26) and their own church involvement, whether that be mentoring, teaching, or camp counseling. Living in a small rural South Dakota town from birth to high school graduation, Sundays were

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Ashley Mattson

Ashley Mattson lives near Northwinds Elementary in Buffalo and is one of the owners of Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic. Her favorite Bible verse is John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. The church is for all believers in Jesus. I believe all are welcome and all are worthy. Before joining Zion, Ashley was a member of St. Mary’s

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