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Ashley Mattson

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Ashley Mattson lives near Northwinds Elementary in Buffalo and is one of the owners of Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic. Her favorite Bible verse is John 3:16:
For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. The church is for all believers in Jesus. I believe all are welcome and all are worthy.
Before joining Zion, Ashley was a member of St. Mary’s of Czestchowa in Delano.
My grandpa Walter Swartzer was the trustee of my church growing up so my fondest memories of church were helping him around the church when no one else was around. I would follow him around when he would set up for Sunday Service or run around the cemetery as he mowed outside.
Ashley came to Zion after marrying Eric, a lifelong member of Zion.
I was very stubborn at first about leaving the Catholic church to become a member of Zion. I have been blessed and amazed at what Zion has given me. I was wrong to have taken so long to call Zion my church home.
Ashley and Eric now attend the 10:30 worship service and have two children, Freddy and Gil, who attend Northwinds Elementary and are part of Sunday school at Zion.
My hobbies currently are following along Eric, Freddy and Gil on their hunting and fishing outings. I see God’s work most in the world through the eyes of children. They are loving and accepting of all. Also in small acts of kindness.
Ashely was elected to Zion’s Congregational Council in December of 2021 and will serve 2022-2024.
I am most excited about the upcoming calling for a Senior Pastor. I am excited to be part of the yet to be revealed future of Zion.

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