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Dirk Foster

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Dirk and Sue Foster have been members of Zion since moving to Buffalo in 1992.  Dirk has served on various committees over the years including on the council on three separate occasions.  Most recently, he served as President of the council in 2019 and 2020.  2022 will be Dirk’s last year on the Council but he will continue to serve on the Property Committee and Cemetery Committee.  He will also stay involved with the Wednesday Morning Workers when his work schedule allows.
All of the committees I have served on and activities I have been involved with over the years have been fun and interesting, but the most rewarding experience I had was as a confirmation guide.  When Sue and I volunteered to be confirmation guides, I thought, since we were raising two girls, we would be assigned a group of girls.  Maybe even our own.  But we were assigned a group of six boys.  It was a new experience for Sue and me, but over the two years, we really got to know them and we truly enjoyed coming to confirmation on Wednesday nights and finding out how their week had gone.  It was a very rewarding experience.
Dirk and Sue enjoy coming to both services, but lately, it has mostly been the 10:30 service. It has been exciting to see Zion and people get back to normal life again and more and more people attending in person again.  We have met and made a lot of good friends in church and it is always fun to visit with them at church. In addition to being active with Zion, Dirk is a member of the Buffalo Rotary Club and volunteers as a Blue and Gold Information Officer for the U.S. Naval Academy.

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