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Hold On … But Let Go

by Pastor Kari Bahe
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“But even the very hairs on your head are all numbered.”
Matthew 10:30

Even the hairs of your head are all counted! And if you are losing those hairs….God still knows! It is almost too remarkable to imagine a love that knows you that deeply.  And even more remarkable to know a love that cares enough to know you that deeply.  And yet, that is what Jesus tells us about God.

June is the month we celebrate Dads.  Someone once said that “Mother’s Day lasts the entire weekend but Father’s Day only lasts as long as it takes to unwrap a tie!”

I hope that isn’t true!  If you are a dad, I hope you remember that God has placed you in an important role as a father.  I pray that you feel celebrated for your love, sacrifice, and care of your children (young and old!).  A blessed and happy Father’s Day to each and every dad!

We picture God as our Heavenly Father and are blessed if that is a helpful image in our lives.  We weep for those who don’t see it as helpful, whose earthly fathers have somehow tarnished that image.  We pray for strong families everywhere and for the support they need to be whole and healthy families.

One of my only pictures I have of my dad is a picture of him holding my hands as I “danced” on his feet.  I must be about three in the picture.  My dad only lived four more years after that picture was taken.  I’m not sure if I remember the day or just the memory of that picture.  But, I do remember what it felt like to “dance” with the strong hand of my dad guiding me.  It gave me strength and certainty.  I knew dad was in control.

The other thing I remember about that dance is that I had to “let go”.  I had to learn to let dad lead in order to stay in step with him. As children, we seem to be able to trust enough to let go.  Oh, but how hard it is for us to let go as adults! As adults…our grip grows ever tighter and we forget to TRUST our heavenly Father who holds us.

It is good to remember that in the midst of change and uncertainty our God remains steadfast and certain.  We are a faith community in the midst of a new “dance”.  Not only because of the past two years, but also because we are working our way through an interim time.  These times of transition always carry lots of questions.  Who will be our next Senior Pastor? Will they be a good fit? How long will it take before he or she begins here at Zion? All good questions without any answers right at the moment.  But! God is making a way and dancing with us as we rely on God’s good wisdom, grace, and timing.  So, “hold on…but let go”! God, our heavenly Father knows the way.

Pastor Kari Bahe

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