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Excuses from A-Z

by Tom Moline, Stewardship Committee
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For Poor Summer Church Attendance

Antique hunting 
Dog walking 
Equestrian practice 
Insect collecting 
Journey to … 
Lake-shore strolling 
Mutton busting 
Open air yoga 
Quadruped riding 
Ultimate Frisbee 
Water skiing 
Xploring Minnesota 
Yard work 
Zoo visits 

Life is busy. Summer in Minnesota is even busier with all these activities and more. Please don’t forget God in your busy summer activities.

If you can’t make it to Zion as often as normal we understand. You can catch up on the sermons you miss by joining online worship via Facebook or YouTube… but you will be blessed to be as regular in your worship and giving as possible. A few ministries slow down in the summer, but for the most part the needs we serve continue all year long.

Consider giving electronically. It’s as convenient as paying your bills automatically and helps you to become a “first fruits” giver.  Your giving is regular even if your attendance is a little less than regular. Contact the church office to get started today.

By Tom Moline, Stewardship Committee

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