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Lutheran World Relief in Ukraine

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The scenes coming out of Ukraine since the start of the war in late February have deeply moved countless people from around the world. Images of Ukrainians fleeing by foot, car, or train, children and belongings in tow. Videos of Ukrainians sheltering in underground Metro stations, community theaters, and steel plants to escape shelling from heavy artillery, rockets, and airstrikes.

Lutheran World Relief is providing food, shelter, critical health needs, emergency supplies, and emergency funds for Ukrainian refugee families in Poland, shipping and distribution of mission quilts and personal care kits, and more.

A group of LWR donors helped to create an Urgent Matching Gift Challenge so that any gift given through LWR through June 30th will be matched. That means all the love you give will be doubled to provide emergency food to save families from starvation.

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Other congregational resources currently provided by Lutheran World Relief include a special edition newsletter with more information about specific projects, a three-week downloadable Bible study “Seeing Our Neighbors”, and instructions for collecting personal care kit items.

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