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Zion Cemetery Update

by Dirk Foster, Cemetery Board
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During its spring meeting, the Zion Cemetery Board approved a number of improvements at the Zion Cemetery for the summer of 2023. The Zion cemetery is located about two miles south of the church, at the intersection of Hwy 25 and 10th Street SE, and was the location of the original Carlslund Lutheran Church building.

In 2021, Zion purchased three acres of land, shaped in an “L” around the cemetery; approximately an additional 50 feet along the south and 300 feet along the east of the cemetery. The board is now ready to start preparing this land designated as the Section E extension. The trees between section E and the extension have already been cleared.

The next step, which will start as soon as the ground and weather permits, is to remove the stumps along the tree line and to level the ground for a smooth transition between section E and the extension.

Finally, the ground will be smoothed, raked, and seeded for turf grass. The board also discussed extending the decorative fence which runs parallel to Hwy 25 all the way to the new south property line but that project still needs additional research. Finally, the board approved the removal of two large green ash trees located in section D. The trees are near their end of life and have already been dropping large branches.

cemetery map
Zion Cemetery with sections and newly purchased land indicated.
Looking west along the tree line between Section E and the new Section E extension.
Looking west along the tree line between Section E and the new Section E extension.

Cemetery Changes

The Zion cemetery board held its winter meeting in early March and approved significant modifications to Zion cemetery this summer.…

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