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Strength & Hope

by Pastor Bahe
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The truth revealed in these words provides a daily guide.  God is the author and sustainer of all things and is the strength we need for today and the hope we have for tomorrow.   When the way forward seems unclear, God’s people have learned to rely on the truth that God is always at work. It is true for us individually and collectively.

“God will make a way.  He works in ways we cannot see.”  

It is a line in a song written by Don Moen.  The words are based in Biblical truth.  They are based in personal truth as well, aren’t they?  We worry, but God always makes a way.  We fear,  but God always makes a way.  We are uncertain,  but God always makes a way.  Always.

God is always guiding us, preparing us, and leading us.  Even so, sometimes the future seems to bring more questions than answers, doesn’t it?  So, then what are we to do?

Let’s look at two events, among hundreds, in Scripture that teach us the answer. First, from the Old Testament: when the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, they kept getting ahead of God.  God provided them with a daily supply of manna. They still didn’t understand the truth that God was at work providing a way for them. God was working in a way they could not see at first.  However, when they learned to rely on God, the way was much clearer and smoother!

And from the New Testament: what do we pray every time we pray the prayer that Jesus teaches?  We pray—give us today our daily bread.  That part of the prayer is about more than food.  Jesus taught us to pray that petition in the Lord’s prayer to remind us that God provides daily.  To remind us to not get ahead of God. But, rather to trust daily in God’s continual care and guidance for us; as individuals and as a faith community.

There are times when we are overloaded with more questions than answers.  That is especially true for congregations going through an interim time.  Add in the ingredient of uncertainty and rapid changes in our world and it can become overwhelming. What’s the solution?  The solution is remembering that God will make a way.  God is always at work…in ways we cannot always see.

The way is very clear.  The steps are clear.  They require prayer, imagination, trust, and a belief that God is providing for us daily. The solution is remembering what we know to be true: God is our strength for today and our hope for tomorrow. Always.

PS: I’m so excited about what your staff has planned for Fall 2022: Strength for Today & Hope for Tomorrow! You will find lots of energy when you connect at Zion this Fall.  Look for specifics all throughout this newsletter and be sure to BE at Z-Fest on September 18th!

Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

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