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Together for a Purpose

by Pastor Bahe
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In the October newsletter, I wrote about Jesus’ story of the shepherd leaving 99 sheep to go find that one sheep who did not show up for the morning roll call.  We considered that there is an element of that story we don’t often focus on.  Not only was the one found, but there were also 99 who were there to bring the one back to. The 99 made being together possible.  The 99 made the reunion and celebration possible. In other words, every one and every “99” are precious to Jesus and we were created to be together.

God created us for community.  Together, we influence this world and impact people’s lives. You are here at Zion for a purpose.  God chose that purpose.  How remarkable is that?!

Something to consider: Zion can’t continue to have the impact it does if we don’t generously give of our resources. Which is why we have a stewardship focus every fall. It helps us to single-mindedly close the gap between what we are called together to do (mission) and what we each invest financially to accomplish that mission.

Lutherans are known to be shy when it comes to talking about money in the church. But, even if we’d like it to be otherwise, the fact is that to do the work God calls us to, we need financial investment.  Everything we do at Zion is self-funded by your generosity.

In the weeks ahead, as Zion continues to focus on our “Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow” I ask you to consider how our mission is accomplished. I ask that you count your blessings and remember that you are an important part of this faith community, and you make our mission possible.

I invite you to consider joining my husband, Brad, and me in committing to giving generously of your financial resources to Zion so that we can continue to build and grow the mission.

Each of us has an opportunity to make an “EOG” commitment by November 20th.  What is an EOG? Estimate of giving. An EOG helps you intentionally commit to investing financially in Zion’s God-given mission. It also helps leadership plan accordingly. Each EOG is confidential.  We add the total financial commitment together to help leadership plan for Zion’s future mission, but the dollar figure leadership sees does not attribute an amount to anyone’s name.

I know that there are times in our lives when what we can give financially seems small, but every amount is important and has an impact on Zion’s mission. Your giving, no matter the amount,  is also important because it is a part of the discipline/discipleship of your faith growth, and it gives you an impactful connection to this faith family and our mission. We do this together.

Whenever I think of financial stewardship, I am mindful that there are many ways of giving to the church. You give of your time, energy, creativity, and service. Thank you! However, in the fall we focus for a short time on the financial aspect of our giving because we need that financial investment alongside the other ways you give to realize our mission.

Give generously out of your heart, and trust in the future God has called us to.  Know you are loved and know that God sees and celebrates your generosity, no matter if the world deems it large or small. Thank you for all you do and give to make Zion the center of mission it is. I am so thankful that we are family together in this mission at Zion! You can take part in the EOG by filling out your estimate of giving either online or by returning your EOG card to Zion by Sunday, November 20.

Online Estimate of Giving

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