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Here’s To Your Health

by Tom Moline, Stewardship Committee
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What are you doing to look after your health?  That may seem like a strange question coming from the stewardship committee! But, scientists and medical professionals have taken note of how practices and habits that help one aspect of health can help in another aspect of health.

For physical health:

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid excess drinking
  • Regular doctor appointments

For mental health:

  • Connect with others
  • Get active
  • Be mindful
  • Learn
  • Give

For spiritual health:

  • Pray
  • Read the Bible
  • Volunteer
  • Give
  • Worship

Regular exercise will help both physical and mental health. Giving will help both mental and spiritual health. Connecting with others in worship will improve both your mental and spiritual health.

It’s no secret that church attendance is trending down. This Gallup poll graph shows the trends.

We are bucking that national trend at Zion.  Our attendance at worship is on the rise!

Does that mean people at Zion are “healthier” than average Americans?  We sure think so! Way to go Zion!

Both your mental and spiritual health benefit from attending worship, belonging to a faith community, and contributing to something larger than your own self-interest.

God’s peace,

By Tom Moline, Stewardship Committee

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