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Call Committee Update 2022.10

by Eric Mattson, Call Committee
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The members of your Call Committee are hard at work and we continue to ask for your prayers and support for our work.

We are finishing up the necessary paperwork which we are required to submit to the Minneapolis Area Synod.  This paperwork is a framework for helping us describe Zion to potential candidates.  We pull together all kinds of details like what our mission is, how many people worship at Zion, how big our Sunday school is, what the make-up of our staff is, etc. Information we gained from the CAT assessment is also included. For example, we describe what the top gifts and skills we think we need for our next senior pastor and we highlight the areas of congregational life you told us were most important to Zion. The paperwork also helps introduce the potential candidates from across the country to the Buffalo area.

After our paperwork is submitted, the synod reviews it, and then will begin sharing names of possible interview candidates with us. We anticipate that we will be able to begin interviews in early November.

Call Committee members are Eric Mattson, Jennifer Gustafson, Phyllis Bengtson, Josie LaFave, Taryn Bullert, Dominic DesMarais, Andy Kohls, Joan Halderson (alternate), Paula Herda (alternate), and Hannah & Tyler Peterson (alternate).

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