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Looking Ahead to Summer at Zion

by Tom Moline, Stewardship Committee
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Summer officially begins in June, but we all know that some people begin to check out of the routine of worship around the last week of May. Statistics show that churches see a 30% decrease in attendance over the summer months. Is there any way to change this?

First …

Thank you for your faithful giving and for sharing the mission of Zion with others. As you know, the work of ministry is never done. We are asking everyone at Zion to remember to be consistent in giving financially, even if you are elsewhere for a weekend over the summer. Giving electronically is an easy way to continue to support the important ministries without even having to think twice about it while you make your way to the lake or another summer destination. See information below on how to sign up for electronic giving or giving by text.


Do you have a story to tell of how God has blessed you? It’s important to share that story. By telling our story of how God has blessed us through Zion, we help others learn more about our church. It also reminds us that we have these ministries and events because people are faithful in their giving and generosity. Please share with others the ministries and events that are happening because of Zion members’ generosity.
Especially right now, as we are emerging from the months of uncertainty, we each need to spread the word that Zion is alive, active, and excited about God’s future for us. Let’s help each other recognize and celebrate how our giving is impacting the lives of people, everywhere.
More than ever, Zion needs your help in making connections with others. Summer is typically the most transient time for churches, but also the best time to make connections with guests. In the summer people often: move to new cities, visit different locations, try new things, and look to attend big events, so it is the perfect time to be aware of guests coming to Zion.

Third …

In the summer months every Zion member has the opportunity to be welcoming to guests and other members at every service, camp, mission events, etc.

  • Find a new face and start by asking whether they are long time members or visitors and give them a reason to come back – get them connected! One little mention of VBS or Marysville (or another event that you love at Zion) helps make an important follow-up connection. Remember the church is its people, not the building.
  • Share the Mission and the joy of being a part of it:

With all we are and all we do we will trust, live, and serve Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • Take the time to give others a glimpse of the direction and passion of Zion’s ministry.
  • Invite others to worship via live streaming. And, when you are out of town, remember to connect this way as well. Zion livestreams the 8:30 worship service on Facebook and it is also available on YouTube later on Sunday morning. Since regular attendees may be absent from service this summer, they can access each sermon or announcement from these online streaming sources.

Let’s prove the statistics wrong about “summer slump” and plan to worship, give, and spread the good word about Zion this summer. Enjoy the informal nature of summer services to share Zion’s vision, and grow relationships. And let’s continue to be generous so that we can live boldly into our future mission and ministry together.



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