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Transition Team Update May 2022

Thank you Zion! We are pleased to announce that 398 of you took advantage of the opportunity to let your views be heard by taking the CAT [Congregational Assessment Tool]. Although we always hope for even more involvement, we are very pleased with this participation.

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Joan Halderson

Entering my second year on Zion’s Church Council, and a second year on the Executive Committee as treasurer, I am thankful for a faith journey that includes the capable people I serve with. It is all a learning experience! I am especially proud of my seven grandchildren (ages 15 to 26) and their own church involvement, whether that be mentoring, teaching, or camp counseling. Living in a small rural South Dakota town from birth to high school graduation, Sundays were

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Ashley Mattson

Ashley Mattson lives near Northwinds Elementary in Buffalo and is one of the owners of Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic. Her favorite Bible verse is John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. The church is for all believers in Jesus. I believe all are welcome and all are worthy. Before joining Zion, Ashley was a member of St. Mary’s

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Pastor Kari Bahe

Abundant Life

Jesus came that you may have life and not just life—abundant life! One of my seminary professors use to say that Jesus breaks in to the monotonous, mind-numbing, tedium of everyday life and proclaims: there is more! I think about that in terms of life in the church as well. There is life here at Zion, to be sure. There is abundant life here at Zion. Jesus still says to us—there is more. Think back to the days two years

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That’s a Wrap

Now that we have all recovered from our long hours and all the excitement, we are able to look back at the 2022 Gala: Suspect Hollywood. We are once again amazed at what Zion’s youth are capable of doing! If you missed this year’s gala, you missed an award-winning evening! From the atmosphere to the food, the work these young adults did, and the entertainment… the night was definitely one for the books! Next year’s gala is already being planned.

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Senior Spotlight: KayLyn Wagner

I am 18 years old and a senior at Buffalo High school. I moved to Buffalo 13 years ago. I have 2 wonderful and supportive parents, Robb and Angel, and a 16 year old brother Evan, who is my best friend. Something my family and I love to do is travel and go camping in the summer time. Next year I plan to attend Dakota County Technical College, and get a degree in Interior Design. I’ve always loved home decorating,

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Senior Spotlight: Elisabeth Grack

My whole life, I have lived with my mom, dad, two younger sisters, Hannah and Sarah, and Berry, our 17-year-old cannibal goldfish. If you asked them about me, all (except the goldfish) would tell you that I have always loved dancing, singing, and crafting. They might also mention my love of butterflies and Taylor Swift. Plans for Next Year: Attending Concordia College Moorhead, Majoring in Business Marketing or Elementary Education Go To Bible Verse: Micah 6:8 I Wish I Could

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Looking Ahead to Summer at Zion

Summer officially begins in June, but we all know that some people begin to check out of the routine of worship around the last week of May. Statistics show that churches see a 30% decrease in attendance over the summer months. Is there any way to change this? First … Thank you for your faithful giving and for sharing the mission of Zion with others. As you know, the work of ministry is never done. We are asking everyone at

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Financial Report 2022.03

The Finance Committee would like to share the summary of Zion’s financial condition as of the end of March. In the General Fund, our total income for the month was $56,365. This is about $13,000 or 18.76% less than we received in March of 2021. Our expenses for the month were about $10,000 more than those of a year ago. This, of course, is because we have resumed our programming and have all of our staff positions filled. For the

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Foundation vs Memorials

At Zion we talk about both the Zion Foundation and the Memorial Fund, but what is the difference? One major difference is that the dollars donated to the Zion Foundation are invested, and only the gains from the investment are spent on projects (often called an “endowment”). All dollars given to the Memorial Fund are spent. Another difference is that the Zion Foundation is a separately incorporated entity created to serve the ministry of Zion and the Foundation Board is

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