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Year End Giving

by Stewardship Committee
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Did You Know:

Nearly 1/3 of all charitable giving occurs in December.

And 10% of all giving is done the last three days of the year.

Reasons People Wait Until the Last Days of The Year to Give


Many people wait until the end of the year because gifts given at this time of year can be used against their income tax.


People can sometimes be lazy. We are called to shepherd our flock of people. Sometimes our sheep are slow-moving animals and need some encouragement!

Life has a way of being unpredictable. And wise people know that waiting until the last minute for anything can be a poor strategy. This year December 31st falls on a Sunday, I don’t think the bank will open on Sunday just because you hope it will. So don’t wait. Give early to be sure that your gift counts in the year you intend.

In a year that has been unpredictable, it’s good to know that gifts given to Zion make a difference. We have seen an increase in youth and Sunday school participation, and steady interest in Fair for All and the Blessing Closet. Zion continues to make changes for good locally and around the world. This is all fueled by your volunteer efforts and financial gifts. Thanks in advance for your timely gifts to Zion in 2023.

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