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Financial Report 2022.02

by John Lindlief
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We have the following information to share with the congregation regarding Zion’s financial status as of the end of February.

We are excited to report that many programs have resumed and staff positions have been filled.  Consequently our expenses for the month of February 2022 are a little over $7000 more than they were a year ago.  For the year to date we have spent about $6500 more than we did in the same period last year.  This is a great indication of the resumption of our church activity.

Our General Fund income for February 2022 was  $47,617 which lags behind our February 2021 income by $2852.  Income for the year is $17,317 less than we had at this point last year. Hopefully this trend will reverse itself.

Building Fund for February is essentially the same as it was in the same month last year.  For the year to date Building Fund income is $26,894 which is about $2400 less than we received in 2021.  Our monthly mortgage payments are $13,834.  For the year so far, our income is $774 less than our expense. We are pretty much on track in this fund.

We look forward to seeing the exciting things that are happening in Zion’s ministry.  Thanks to you for making this happen through your financial support.


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