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Financial Report 2023.12

by John Lindlief, Finance Committee
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We reached the conclusion of 2023 with a wonderful response to our finances. Our offerings for December were $130,536 which is about 13% higher than those received in December of 2022. These added to the rest of the year’s offerings, total a little over $791,000. When other income is added to this, our total General Fund income for 2023 is almost $820,000.  This is about 1.5% more than we received in 2022.

General Fund expenses for December were around $12,800 which is 33% less than what we spent in December of 2022.  For the year, total General Fund expenses were a little over $844,000, or about 3.5% more than last year’s amount. There are a number of factors related to this:  Personnel expenses, Volunteer Ministries, Youth Department, Fellowship expenses, and Property expenses. The difference between our total General Fund income and our expenses for 2023 is a little over $24,000 with the expenses being the larger amount.

Building Fund income for December was about $19,600 which is about 1% greater when compared to that of December 2022.  For the entire year, our Building Fund income was a little over $164,000 which is about 3.5% less than we gave last year.  The Building Fund income this year is about $1600 less than our mortgage payment.

We continue to see exciting things happening at Zion.  Thank you to all who make these many ministries and community events happen.


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