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What It Means To Be Back

by Jameson Wakefield
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On a Sunday in early March, I was chatting with some members of the congregation about various things, as I like to do before and after services. During a couple of these conversations, I heard a recurring theme come up regarding in-person services. The recurring theme was about how these members had realized how much they missed being physically in church with other people. To a person, they basically said “It wasn’t until I was back in the Sanctuary that I realized what I had been missing not being with other people at worship services.” It was one of those moments when things that have been in the back of your mind suddenly gain clarity.

The last two years have been extremely difficult for everyone. We have been scared, isolated, hesitant, questioning, and a dozen other things. And for many, this persists. To each and every member of Zion’s congregation I say:

As you are comfortable doing so, feel what it is like to be back amongst your fellow worshippers. Feel what it is like to see the young people congregate for the children’s sermon and go off to Sunday school. Feel what it is like to take communion with your fellow members. Because being back together as a fellowship in Christ is what a church is all about.

Now, before anyone thinks I’m trying to write a sermon in the previous paragraph I will assure you that is not my intent. I am merely an observer for the most part and a chronicler second-hand. Based on that what I can say is this – I’ve witnessed more and more moments of people eagerly embracing the opportunity to engage with other people in the atmosphere of church. I’ve seen the excitement of our youth to go off to Sunday school and I’ve seen smiles on faces that I haven’t been able to see smiles on for months.

Because of this, I ask a favor of all of you. If you are comfortable worshipping in person but haven’t done so in a while, come back and give it a try. For those who still prefer a bit more space, we have distanced seating in the west/pulpit side of the sanctuary. The other sections are fully open.

If any of this resonates with you share it with others and encourage them to come and join us in worship. If you know people looking for a home in Christ, invite them. We, together, have been through historically difficult times. But in such time there is a point in which we need to come back, back to those things that are anchors in our Faith.

Thank you for your support of Zion and God bless.

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