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Finance Report 2023.08

by John Lindlief, Finance Committee
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We have now completed the first half of 2023.  The following summarizes Zion’s financial condition as of the end of June.  Our General Fund offering/income continues to exceed that which we had in 2022 by about 5%.  Average weekly income this year to date is $14,724.  However, expenses for the same period are also increasing due to personnel changes, increased participation in our volunteer ministry, and vastly increasing activity in both the Children and Family ministry and in the Youth Program.  While there will be fewer expenses in some of these programs during the summer months, we will still incur some costs.  General Fund expenses for the first half of the year have exceeded our offering/income by nearly $30,000.

The Building Fund offering for both the month of June and for the year to date lag slightly behind our giving in 2022.  Our first-half mortgage expense was $83,000.  We contributed almost $80,000 of that during the first six months of the year.  It seems that we are meeting our Building Fund obligations quite well.

It is an exciting time for Zion as we look forward to the addition of an additional pastor to our congregation.  We hope that this enthusiasm will be reflected in an increased commitment of our time, talents, and resources.  Thanks to all who have made this a priority in your lives.


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