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Financial Report 2021.06

by John Lindlief
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The following summarizes the financial activity of Zion as of the end of June.  Giving in June to the General Fund was about 8.6% lower compared to June 2020.  For the year to date, the General Fund income is about $9000 less than what was received at this point in 2020.  Expenses, with the exception of Operating Expense, continue to be down significantly.  Part of the payment for the cemetery land purchase came from the Operating Expense line item which is the reason for the increase in that category.  As of the end of June, our cash on hand in the General Fund was a little over $287,000.

The building fund income in June was about $300 less than received in June 2020.  For the year to date, Building Fund income is about $2700 less than our mortgage payments.  Cash on hand is currently about $58,000.

We anticipate that our expenses will rise significantly as we move into fall with the reinstatement of our usual programming and the filling of key staff vacancies.  Thank you for your continued financial support of Zion as we go forward.


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