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It’s Never Too Early to Consider Having a Will

by Mike Davis, Stewardship Committee
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The saying goes, “You can’t take it with you.” However, you certainly do have the ability to decide where it goes. That is one of the benefits of planning and having a will. God has entrusted you with your assets, and this can be your way of passing them on according to your wishes and faith.

For those with younger children, the single most important aspect of a will is appointing a guardian for your children. A will provides comfort in knowing that your children will be looked after by someone you trust and love.

The allocation of assets is what people typically think of when they think of having a will. This is your opportunity to ensure that special items will be handed down to those you intended. Also, it allows for the passing on of financial assets in the manner you choose. Perhaps you want to place age restrictions or special instructions on heirs having full access to certain funds, etc… This can be accomplished through having a will.

Leaving a legacy by supporting charities. Frank Robert, associate director of the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation sums it up nicely: “Bringing your faith into your last will and testament is an act of stewardship because it shows others, that even after death, where your priorities were in life. It shows where you put your value and trust.”

Finally, it makes everything easier for your heirs. During a time of loss, dealing with lawyers and judges is not anything anyone looks forward to. Having a will and clear directives minimizes the amount of work, bureaucracy, and second-guessing your loved ones will have to endure.

As always, for more information or to begin creating a will, please seek out professional advice to ensure state and federal requirements are met.

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