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Church Facility Updates

by Melissa Galvin, Facility Coordinator
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It has been exciting to watch the building spring to life this fall. Kids are filling the building in Sunday school, confirmation, and youth group. Many of the local Scout groups are back having fun on Monday nights. Folks have been attending Bible studies and other fellowship events. The sounds of vocal and bell choirs fill the halls on Wednesday evenings. Zion is bustling!
And now, as fall slowly slips away, we are fervently preparing for the winter season with added events for holidays and festive moments. The calendar here at Zion is definitely filling up. Keeping the church facilities clean and maintained is a crucial part of our ministry here at Zion. It not only helps us create a welcoming and safe environment but also preserves the facilities for future generations to enjoy. We have several opportunities available for church members or others whom you may know that would be a good fit. We all have different gifts, but we can all use them to serve in some way.

Do you know someone who has the skills and gifts to be a custodian? We currently have two custodial staff positions available here at Zion. You can find more information about those positions at or by contacting Melissa Galvin, Facility Coordinator at

We also need folks to serve at Zion by helping with snow shoveling this winter. I know, we don’t want to think about snow, but this is Minnesota after all. With vacancies in our custodial department, our need is greater than usual. The most important times for help will be on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. If you are available to help, even if it’s only occasionally, please sign up at

Please prayerfully consider if you, or someone you know, would be a great fit for these needs at Zion.

The upcoming busy season is an opportunity to bring the church together, create new memories, and celebrate the meaningful holiday season. Thank you for helping to make Zion’s house of worship a better place for all!

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