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The Virtue of Patience

by Jameson Wakefield
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I think almost everyone has heard the phrase “patience is a virtue.” We are counseled to be patient and good things come to those who wait. Of course, it can be easier said than done. Ask any seven-year-old during Christmas time. The members of Zion have had many opportunities over the past two years to work on this virtue. We have managed through adversity and change far beyond anything our church has ever seen. Throughout, we have asked questions like “When is all of this going to end?” and “When can we get back to ‘normal’?” Well, I’m going to ask for an additional period of patience as the church continues to work its way back to normal.

Before I get into that I would like to review some of the great things that your patience, support, and faith have helped make happen.

  • Your generosity of time and treasures helped update our Sanctuary
  • We have had numerous people step into leadership roles and volunteer roles that have made Sunday school, youth ministry, and VBS all possible again
  • We have continued to provide those in need in the Buffalo area with children’s clothing, food, school supplies, coats, and, of course, a place of worship and spiritual support

While these are a small sampling, these are all things we should be proud of because they are a huge part of the overall Ministry of Zion Lutheran. But none of it happened overnight. It literally took years to get some of these things moving again and youth activities continue to grow as we see more and more engagement from members and new faces coming to Zion.

Of course, the primary question I hear from many of you is regarding the search for a new Senior Pastor. We are making progress, but we still have a journey in front of us if we are going to be thoughtful about our call to a new pastor. This is where I am asking for continued patience. Zion is in a unique situation in this post-COVID environment. We have an opportunity to slow down and be deliberate in how we approach this call. The Transition Team has done tremendous work to learn about what the Congregation is looking for in a new Senior Pastor but in the process have discovered that we as a congregation also have the opportunity to recreate Zion in ways that will continue to support a wide variety of members while offering programs and activities that can help attract new members into our spiritual family.

We have reached the middle of the year. The first half has seen great strides in ministries in the church and the second half offers great promise. Expanding Sunday school, continuing to grow youth Ministry and looking inward to perhaps reinvent Zion to serve more members and the community at large. Thank you for the patience you’ve shown and thank you, in advance, for continuing to practice this virtue as we move ahead in our work at Zion.

Jameson Wakefield, Council President

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