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Cemetery Changes

by Dirk Fosster
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The Zion cemetery board held its winter meeting in early March and approved significant modifications to Zion cemetery this summer.

Last summer, Zion purchased 3 acres surrounding the cemetery. The purchase extended the cemetery about 50 feet further to the south of the existing property line and also to the east (see the associated land plot photo).

The long-term plan is to extend the north/south road running through the center of the cemetery further to the south, turn the road east, and then north again through the new area. However, it will probably be a number of years before this will be done.

During its March meeting, the board did approve the removal of the tree line on the south side of the cemetery near highway 25 and the leveling of the land in that area. Currently, a significant hump exists between the current cemetery and the new land purchased to the south. Plans are to remove the trees and the stumps, level and modify the elevation of the land, and plant turf grass for future gravesites in the new addition. The work should start this spring and be finished by fall.

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