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Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

Strength & Hope

The truth revealed in these words provides a daily guide.  God is the author and sustainer of all things and is the strength we need for today and the hope we have for tomorrow.   When the way forward seems unclear, God’s people have learned to rely on the truth that God is always at work. It is true for us individually and collectively. “God will make a way.  He works in ways we cannot see.”   It is a line

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Music for All

Plan for the Fall! One year ago we were doing re-entry into rehearsals and music ministry. This year, there will be a few schedule changes but all of Zion’s music directors are preparing for a great year of music, shared in worship and in the community. We’re ready to be singing and ringing! New Start Times Note that the elementary and youth choirs have new start times. Since the Elevate singers begin at 5:15, Zion planners are guessing that parents

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Just Around the Corner

It’s hard to believe but fall is just over the horizon. With fall comes all kinds of new opportunities for Zion’s members. Families, ministries and youth all have new adventures and missions to engage in as we move into September: Sermon series on Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow, beginning September 11 ZFest on September 18 ​with a brand new nautical theme! Special emphasis on Sabbath for children & youth every Sunday in September Sunday school will expand to

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CAT Survey Results!

The CAT is the Congregational Assessment Tool.  It is designed to help congregations make better decisions about the future, with more confidence, because it provides an opportunity for everyone to let their voice be heard. Over 400 of you took part in the survey—thank you!  The Transition Team, Council, and Staff have heard from the CAT Survey consultant and are eager to share the results with you.  The results will help you: Learn about the level of satisfaction and energy in the congregation.

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ZFest Planning

Hello Zion Friends and Families. As I’m sitting down to write this, I realize in my almost three years here at Zion, this my first newsletter article. As the Facility Coordinator, I have somewhat of a behind-the-scenes job focused on scheduling, building security and IT duties. I’ve had the privilege to see many programming events and celebrations, as well as just the day to day bustling of the church. I’m very excited for the first time to be taking on

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InFellowship Directory

Zion uses Fellowship One membership database to take care of and connect people.  InFellowship is the portal that congregation members use to connect with groups and other members. One feature of InFellowship is a digital member directory. The InFellowship online directory is the place to find real-time updated contact information. All members and attenders are requested to opt into the InFellowship Online Directory, which can be viewed by other Zion attenders and members who have also opted into the directory.

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