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We recently experienced a good, old-fashioned, snowstorm. While it didn’t quite live up to the media hype of a “Storm of the Century”, it definitely did have a high impact, making a mess of travel plans and closing schools and businesses, but quietly, I enjoyed it! Don’t worry, I am not suffering from cabin fever, (at least not too badly), nor have I lost my mind in stating I enjoyed the storm. Admittedly, shoveling and snow removal followed, but big

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Council Update 2023.01

Entering a new year always brings some changes, new calendars for the wall, new priorities, and a new group of Council members. I was humbled, while also very pleased to be elected to serve as this year’s President of the Council along with Ashley Mattson, as the Vice President. Deb Rude and Joan Halderson agreed to continue the great work in their officer position as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. We have five new members, in Cheryl Bohnen, Andy Kohls, Josie

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