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Into The Future

by Chuck Zumbusch, Council President
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The holiday season is always a special time at Zion, but especially this year.  It was a busy late fall for Zion and I want to thank everyone for their participation and support during the annual meeting in which the budget was approved, committee updates were provided and new faces were added for Council, Foundation, and MAS Voting members.

Immediately following our annual meeting, the special congregational meeting was held, in which the Call Committee presented Pastor Trevor as their candidate for Associate Pastor, followed by a unanimous affirmative vote to extend the Call.  I’d like to recognize each of the Call Committee members for their commitment of time and effort to evaluate the candidates and particularly Paula Herda and Brandon Prell for their leadership.  I think we all have a lot to look forward to in the future and our future here is bright.  After all of the anticipation, it was great to finally have an opportunity for the congregation to meet Pastor Trevor and have the pleasure to meet, Sarah, his wife.  We are happy they both agreed to make Zion their church home and I am optimistic what we as a community of faith will be able to accomplish together.

I’d like to also extend my appreciation for all of those who helped to make Zion a beautiful place this time of year with the festive decorations and numerous Christmas trees helping to make it warm and welcoming to all walking through our doors.  It was also a treat to see all of the kids who worked so hard learning their parts and lines for the annual kids’ Christmas program.  The props helped set the stage for a memorable Christmas message and the importance of the Everlasting Message.  May we all be reminded of what truly brings us the joy of Christ’s guiding light in our lives.  May you and yours have a blessed New Year!

In Christ,

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