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by Chuck Zumbusch, Council President
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We recently experienced a good, old-fashioned, snowstorm. While it didn’t quite live up to the media hype of a “Storm of the Century”, it definitely did have a high impact, making a mess of travel plans and closing schools and businesses, but quietly, I enjoyed it! Don’t worry, I am not suffering from cabin fever, (at least not too badly), nor have I lost my mind in stating I enjoyed the storm. Admittedly, shoveling and snow removal followed, but big snow storms remind me, and all of us, of who is in charge. Despite all of our best intentions and preplanning exercises, an abundance of snow still has the ability to affect our lives and bring things to a skidding stop. The morning following the storm, I bundled up in my winter best and stepped outside into the freshly fallen snow. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the beauty of the new blanket of snow, admired the silence, and noticed the impressive drifts that the wind had created. I also thought about how powerless we are over some aspects of our lives, but I am comforted by my faith, the Zion community, and the mission we share.

Recently, one of my brothers suddenly became seriously ill, which was completely unexpected. As my wife and I sped to see him and be with his family, I was dumbfounded and afraid of what was to come. But as we made our way, my wife reminded me of a phrase my brother often states when going through a trying time, “Don’t worry, God’s got it.” While the outcome wasn’t clear, the simple, but important statement, provided me peace of mind and helped me weather the storm. And, do you know what? My brother was right! There wasn’t anything I could do medically and worrying wasn’t going to help. But the prayers, words of encouragement, and concern from others helped comfort me tremendously. I am happy to report that he is now doing much better and on his way to recovery, and I learned a valuable lesson along the way. While our winter might be coming to a close, challenges will continue to appear. I hope you might find some use in his words of wisdom and may they grant you relief when you need it most.

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