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Spring Awakening

by Jameson Wakefield
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Okay, I’m being a little bold to title this as “Spring” considering on April 15 it snowed most of the morning and the forecast has the temperature in the low 30’s but it is still spring. What I really want to talk about is a different kind of spring – “awakening.” We have just celebrated Easter. Now we are entering another very busy time for our congregation, and my message is focused on a need for people. That’s right, people. Not that monetary donations aren’t welcome but we really need is people.

We have a tremendous amount of different opportunities for members to help out. The church can use people to help label newsletters, prepare Vacation Bible School materials, help on Wednesday meal preparation or simply help on Sunday morning welcome crews. Can you help serve coffee? Great!! Maybe you want to help prepare for communion. Whatever your interest, comfort level, or time commitment, please let Kim Haggen know. She can match you up to the opportunity that best fits your criteria.

Contact Kim at 763-682-1245 ext. 102

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