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For This to Be

by Jameson Wakefield, Council President
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Fall is one of the best times in Minnesota. The weather is great, school activities are happening, the hunting season starts for those of us so inclined, and we enter the “other” part of the church year when all kinds of activities begin. But, there’s a catch. For the congregation to be, we need to be here. We need to be here for Sunday school (which now includes an 8:30 option!) and confirmation. Fall activities such as Harvest of Hands are getting underway. And, although a little further out, we can’t forget that in late fall we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth.
For all of this to be, the congregation needs us to be here. Over the past month, we have held sessions to walk congregation members through the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) results, our Senior Pastor Call Committee has started their work, and our ministries are reaching out to members and the community to provide emotional and logistical support for those that are in need. I can’t say this enough …

For this to be, we need to be here.

I know the council president’s newsletter article is usually focused on what is going on with the council and issues and decisions facing the congregation, but Zion is in a transformation place after all of the change and all of the challenges of the past two years. That is why I chose to focus on a topic that is a little more subjective and a lot less objective. I have seen faces on Sunday that have been absent for too long and that is wonderful. I have talked to individuals that are new to Zion, or individuals that have been gone from Zion for a great deal of time, and both comment on how welcoming we are and how much they enjoy being able to be at service and worshipping in person with fellow Christians.

For this to be, the congregation needs us to be here.

On a closing note, I would like to thank the increasing number of volunteers who make Sunday worship services possible. While I say an increasing number, we will always welcome more volunteers. Thank you to the Zion staff who have done amazing work over the past year and who go well beyond their prescribed roles to make sure Zion continues to function for not only the members but for the community as well.

Not to sound like a broken record but for this to be, the Church needs us here. So, I’ll see you on Sunday.


Jameson Wakefield, Council President

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