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It Is Official: We Have a New Senior Pastor!

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On Sunday, December 4, the congregation voted unanimously to extend a call to Rev. Kari Bahe to serve as our Senior Pastor. Although pastors have 30 days to decide whether to accept a call or not, by the next day, the Bishop had received Pastor Bahe’s decision to accept the call to serve as our next Senior Pastor!

Thank you to the members of the Transition Team and Call Committee for their work and dedication throughout this process.

“I thank the congregation for welcoming me into this home we call Zion. I thank you for extending the warm hand of partnership in the mission and ministry we now share in Jesus Christ. I am filled with hope as we focus on our mission to trust in Christ, live for Christ, and serve with Christ…together! I am grateful for this call and ask for your prayers as I serve in this new role.” Pastor Kari Bahe

Pastor Bahe preaching

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