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Financial Report 2021.10

by John Lindlief
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The Finance Committee would like to share the following information regarding Zion’s financial condition. Offerings to the General Fund in October were similar to the gifts given in October of last year. Total October income for the General Fund was about $1,700 greater than last year.

Expenses for this October were about 30% higher than they were a year ago. This increase was expected as we approach full staffing and programming. For the month, our expenses exceeded our income by roughly $24,000. For the year to date, total General Fund income is slightly lower than a year ago. Cash on hand in the General Fund at the end of October was $270,500.

Building Fund income in October was about $3,400 more than our monthly expense. For the year to date our mortgage payments have exceeded our offerings by about $4,800. Cash on hand in the Building Fund as of the end of October was $55,000.

Thanks to all of you for your financial support of Zion. We would not be able to do the ministry that is so much a part of Zion without your help.


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