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Faithfulness During Transition

by John Lindlief
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In 2020 COVID19 forced all of society into many changes – from the way companies hold meetings, to how our children go to school, to the way people buy groceries. At Zion, we changed the way we worshiped and how we gather in fellowship. So in 2021, a transition in pastors that lead our congregation is just another change to deal with.

Just as we appreciated the return to in-person worship after a couple of months of online and drive-in worship – we now anticipate the new pastoral leadership that is to come. As people of God, we decide how we will handle this time of transition. We don’t know how much time this transition will take. We don’t know exactly who will lead Zion. But we do know that God is faithful.

When Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt it was a huge transition, with many miracles in the process. Yet their lack of faith caused them to wander the wilderness for 40 years. It was up to Joshua to lead them into the promised land. When Joshua and his people were faithful and followed God’s instructions they were unstoppable. That same God has been at work through over 150 years of change at Zion. He will be faithful to us in this time of transition. We need to be faithful to Him. I suggest that it is our time to return to the basics of prayer, Bible reading, ministries, worship, giving, and service.

I want to focus on giving. In my September newsletter article, I explained how giving can add to your happiness. We can give in gratitude for the many gifts, financial and otherwise, that God gives us. In the time of Moses, the focus of giving was increasing faith through sacrifice. These things are true and there is another, practical benefit, to giving at this uncertain time. We can be financially faithful to God.


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