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ELCA Good Gifts

by Pastor Bahe
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ELCA Good Gifts are the perfect gift for the giver who wants to make a difference—and for the receiver who has everything!

The Lutheran Church has always made Christ known in both word and deed. One way we do that is by providing meaningful resources to people in need, both in our country and all over the world. The ELCA provides a wonderful avenue for gift giving, appropriately called:  “Good Gifts”. The ELCA Good Gifts website ( provides the best description of the opportunities for giving a gift that does more than bring joy to the giver and receiver, it also truly helps those in need.

Does someone on your list have a passion for education? How about giving a year of school supplies to a child across the globe for $10 or for the entire classroom for $300?  Does someone on your list love to garden?  Honor them by buying honey bees for $30.  Does someone on your list have a heart for making sure no one goes hungry? For only $10 you can fill a backpack with food for a child’s weekend here in the US. You can gift clean water or a share of a new well. And do you know any retired farmers? How about the gift of a piglet, little chicks, or a goat, given in their honor? One year, our family gifted a cow! Not only was it fun to do together, but it was also a meaningful gift that helped multiple families. That seems like the heart of Christmas to me! I invite you to check out ELCA Good Gifts and consider giving gifts that really make a difference in God’s beloved world.


  1. Go to the Good Gifts website or call 800.638.3522, and choose a gift from multiple options.
  2. Get a fun, personalized card to send to your recipient so they know a gift was given in their name.
  3. Know that your generosity makes a true difference this Christmas!

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