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A Previous SERVE Weekend

by Tom Moline, Stewardship Committee
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Steve joined us as we took our break. John, Dave, and I had started the morning in jackets and sweatshirts and now we were down to our t-shirts as the day warmed. We ate burgers and fries but he was satisfied with only a malt. Tim had stopped by earlier and dropped off tools and much-needed advice. The prep work was done and we would paint as much as we could on the stairs, deck, and porch that day. Now it was time for the stain, two coats it turned out as the wood greedily absorbed the stain. Steve had built the porch in his younger days. He had his own cabinet business and knew how to use tools. Steve needed help now. He had lost his wife recently, and couldn’t get around easily. He was hard to understand too. Surgery had been done to remove cancer in part of his jaw. With break time done, I gave a hand to Steve to get out of his chair and we got back to work. John opened the can of stain and we got started on painting.

This kind of story happens a lot on SERVE Weekend. Your donations to Zion helped make this happen. The paint and other supplies are needed as much as the volunteers. Thanks to your generosity, we’ve helped make Buffalo a little bit better and a little bit more loving.

Join us as you can on this upcoming SERVE Weekend, April 20 to 23. Thank you for storing treasures in heaven and supporting God’s work through our congregation!

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