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YES, Harvest of Hands is Worth It!

by Joy Arens
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What does the Harvest of Hands committee do all year long and why do they do it? Harvest of Hands started 40 years ago this year. The event started small with a few women wanting to do something extra. Over the years, it has grown and changed with the times. Volunteers have come and gone. Volunteers meet the second and fourth Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening to create crafts for the annual event the first weekend of November.

Why is it Worth it?

  • Because our packing events feed people around the world.
  • Because we are able to donate a significant amount of money to the Buffalo food shelf.
  • Because we are able to donate a significant amount of money to Heifer International through Baby Animal Fair.
  • Because we help educate children about helping others and that makes them feel better about themselves.
  • Because it feels great to see how many people come out to help with annual events.
  • Because we cannot stand the thought of being a mother with no food for our children.
  • Because we want to be example to our children and grandchildren.
  • Because it makes us feel good.
  • Because we like getting our families involved so we can “give back” together.
  • Because we get the chance to work with other wonderful people who also have a passion to feed the hungry.
  • Because we love to do crafts and they are even more fun when we are doing them for something meaningful.
  • Because we love looking forward to getting together with friends to do crafts, to visit, and (do not forget) to have treats.
  • Because when we diet, we realize how bad being hungry feels.
  • Because We Make a Difference!

The Harvest of Hands craft groups meet at 9am on Tuesday mornings February 13 and 27, and after Lenten worship (around 7:30pm) on Wednesday evenings February 14 and 28 to work on creating cards and jewelry.
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