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Making stoles at the lock-in

9th Grade Lock-in 2022

From the evening hours of October 7, well into the morning hours of October 8, our awesome Zion ninth graders participated in the first annual confirmation lock-in.  It began with a meaningful worship service geared specifically for them, led by Pastor Bahe and the Youth and Family Worship team.  Pastor Bahe walked the kids through what promises were made on their behalf at their baptism and what the affirmation of baptism is and what that faith handoff will look like.

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Pastor Kari Bahe

Fall 2022 at Zion!

Our mission is to partner with families for faith formation and connection.  We are always looking for ways to connect with you and to be helpful to families as they seek to raise their children in the faith. There is nothing like fall in Minnesota!  But, there is also nothing like the busyness that accompanies it.  Registrations, new schedules, new routines, new forms to fill out and keep track of, new school supplies to find and purchase, and new anxieties to calm.  We started

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Senior Spotlight: Sam Yost

I’ve been blessed with incredible parents, a loving home, and support not everyone is fortunate enough to have. I’m lucky to live the life I do, however, everyone has valleys to walk through. Some valleys are deeper and darker than others. A lot of the time, it’s easy to lose sight of the blessings. It’s my trust in God that helps me through the valleys. It’s not always easy to trust 100% of the time, but it helps to remember

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Fall, Stress, & Grace

We can’t believe we are talking about it already, as it feels like school just ended, but fall is right around the corner! With fall comes all things new: new teachers, schedules, classes, routines, practices, teams, and clubs. Sprinkle in a little stress and exhaustion as we transition and modify our summer sleep schedule into early mornings for school, and it can seem like too much all at once. One thing we seemed to have collectively learned from COVID is

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To Err Is Human

Teen Talk To err is human Alexander Pope The stress of life has been heavy for me these last couple of weeks. Nothing noteworthy, just a lot of un-noteworthy things. Have you ever noticed bad things come in threes? I have no scientific proof of this, just life experience. Last Tuesday was a perfect example of this; I went to the wrong place for my long-awaited appointment and therefore was just late enough that we had to re-schedule. I found

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That’s a Wrap

Now that we have all recovered from our long hours and all the excitement, we are able to look back at the 2022 Gala: Suspect Hollywood. We are once again amazed at what Zion’s youth are capable of doing! If you missed this year’s gala, you missed an award-winning evening! From the atmosphere to the food, the work these young adults did, and the entertainment… the night was definitely one for the books! Next year’s gala is already being planned.

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Senior Spotlight: KayLyn Wagner

I am 18 years old and a senior at Buffalo High school. I moved to Buffalo 13 years ago. I have 2 wonderful and supportive parents, Robb and Angel, and a 16 year old brother Evan, who is my best friend. Something my family and I love to do is travel and go camping in the summer time. Next year I plan to attend Dakota County Technical College, and get a degree in Interior Design. I’ve always loved home decorating,

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Senior Spotlight: Elisabeth Grack

My whole life, I have lived with my mom, dad, two younger sisters, Hannah and Sarah, and Berry, our 17-year-old cannibal goldfish. If you asked them about me, all (except the goldfish) would tell you that I have always loved dancing, singing, and crafting. They might also mention my love of butterflies and Taylor Swift. Plans for Next Year: Attending Concordia College Moorhead, Majoring in Business Marketing or Elementary Education Go To Bible Verse: Micah 6:8 I Wish I Could

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Student Spotlight: Alexis Rademacher

My parents are Nate and Stacie Rademacher and I have two younger sisters, Makayla and Aubrey Rademacher. Growing up, I have always been involved in my church. Some of the activities include Sunday school, confirmation, and youth group. In my personal life I can usually be found reading a book. My other passions include baking and hanging with friends. Every summer since I was born I can be found at my cabin. I have always enjoyed tubing, and in recent

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Student Spotlight: Emily Lewis

I was born in August, and my parents were just thrilled to have a Friday the 13th baby. I went to Park Spanish Immersion school and St. Louis Park Middle School until I moved to Maple Lake in seventh grade. I immediately joined confirmation and from then on I’ve been super involved in all Zion’s youth programs. Last summer I started working at Camp Wapo where I’ve been attending since I was six and there I found my second home

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