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Senior Spotlight: Sam Yost

I’ve been blessed with incredible parents, a loving home, and support not everyone is fortunate enough to have. I’m lucky to live the life I do, however, everyone has valleys to walk through. Some valleys are deeper and darker than others. A lot of the time, it’s easy to lose sight of the blessings. It’s my trust in God that helps me through the valleys. It’s not always easy to trust 100% of the time, but it helps to remember

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Senior Spotlight: Jake Hayes

Life Story: I come from a very … unique background. I am a transgender bisexual man who grew up in the LCMS church. It’s hard to give my life story when my life has just begun. I found my place here at Zion in 10th grade thanks to Lewis. I thank all of you for accepting me and my identity. Next Year Plans: Exciting stuff really. I am going to AMDA College of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California

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Senior Spotlight: KayLyn Wagner

I am 18 years old and a senior at Buffalo High school. I moved to Buffalo 13 years ago. I have 2 wonderful and supportive parents, Robb and Angel, and a 16 year old brother Evan, who is my best friend. Something my family and I love to do is travel and go camping in the summer time. Next year I plan to attend Dakota County Technical College, and get a degree in Interior Design. I’ve always loved home decorating,

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Senior Spotlight: Elisabeth Grack

My whole life, I have lived with my mom, dad, two younger sisters, Hannah and Sarah, and Berry, our 17-year-old cannibal goldfish. If you asked them about me, all (except the goldfish) would tell you that I have always loved dancing, singing, and crafting. They might also mention my love of butterflies and Taylor Swift. Plans for Next Year: Attending Concordia College Moorhead, Majoring in Business Marketing or Elementary Education Go To Bible Verse: Micah 6:8 I Wish I Could

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Student Spotlight: Alexis Rademacher

My parents are Nate and Stacie Rademacher and I have two younger sisters, Makayla and Aubrey Rademacher. Growing up, I have always been involved in my church. Some of the activities include Sunday school, confirmation, and youth group. In my personal life I can usually be found reading a book. My other passions include baking and hanging with friends. Every summer since I was born I can be found at my cabin. I have always enjoyed tubing, and in recent

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Student Spotlight: Emily Lewis

I was born in August, and my parents were just thrilled to have a Friday the 13th baby. I went to Park Spanish Immersion school and St. Louis Park Middle School until I moved to Maple Lake in seventh grade. I immediately joined confirmation and from then on I’ve been super involved in all Zion’s youth programs. Last summer I started working at Camp Wapo where I’ve been attending since I was six and there I found my second home

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