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Medyka Border Crossing - LWR

Lutheran World Relief in Ukraine

The scenes coming out of Ukraine since the start of the war in late February have deeply moved countless people from around the world. Images of Ukrainians fleeing by foot, car, or train, children and belongings in tow. Videos of Ukrainians sheltering in underground Metro stations, community theaters, and steel plants to escape shelling from heavy artillery, rockets, and airstrikes. Lutheran World Relief is providing food, shelter, critical health needs, emergency supplies, and emergency funds for Ukrainian refugee families in

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Financial Report 2022.04

There is good news and not-so-good news in the financial life of Zion.  The good news is that our expenses have risen because we have almost returned to our staffing and program levels of the past.  It is wonderful to see the many faces visible in all areas of our church.  Our April General Fund income of over $83,000 was significantly greater than what received in April of 2021.   The not-so-good news is that this amount fell short of our

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