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A Steadfast Anchor

by Pastor Bahe
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Since we live in the land of 10,000+ lakes, it seems fitting to use the early church imagery of an anchor as we draw ourselves to the truth that we have a hope that is sure and certain. Jesus is our anchor in every storm and in the still waters as well. We are in the middle of a sermon series called: “Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow.” The last few years have challenged all of us in unsettling ways. Doesn’t it feel like we are all longing for strength and hope?

In the Bible, an anchor is used as a symbol of our hope in Jesus which gives us stability and steadfastness in life. In ancient days, the anchor was used in artwork and engravings as a symbol of Christianity. Anchors appear in the Roman catacombs on the tombs of Christians, showing that Jesus Christ is our hope in this world and the next.

In Christ, there is strength and there is hope. This hope is not simply wishful thinking. It is a confident expectation of an absolute certainty: Jesus is your anchor for all that life brings. This hope is sure, steadfast, and secure.

Hebrews is often called a letter, but in recent years, scholars have argued that it is more likely that it was a sermon. That would be a 13-chapter sermon; a bit longer than we are accustomed to! The first people who heard it were a group of Christians who were not eyewitnesses to Jesus’ time on earth. In their early years, they were a community that was strong in their commitment to the gospel and to each other. However, as time moved on, their strong and bold faith began to drift.

The words of this early sermon are grounded in a wide-sweeping remembrance of God’s goodness and grace. They are words that your best friend might share with you, words filled with honesty and encouragement. They are words to remind you that when your boat seems small or like it is in danger of capsizing, Jesus Christ is with you, unchangeable, unmoving, steadfast, and sure. An anchor for your soul.

And, it is here at Zion, that we are reminded of the truth of that promise. We gather together all throughout the week to experience faith with one another, to serve others, and to be anchored by Christ in a world that tosses us around. Zion is a place that shares Christ’s word, strengthens faith, and serves those in need. By doing so together we hold fast to the hope that is ours in Christ Jesus, our Lord, and anchor.

…we who have fled for refuge have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us. We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul. Hebrews 6:19

Pastor Kari Bahe

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