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Serving for Jesus

Zion is a congregation filled with people who are committed to serving with Jesus. Each time we gather for worship, we conclude with a statement of who we are and what we do: “With all we are and with all we do, we will trust in Jesus, live for Jesus, And serve with Jesus Christ our Lord.” We are people who trust Jesus for all things.  Trusting Jesus in all things means that we live knowing, as Julian of Norwich

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Good News!

Happy Easter! By the time this goes to press, we will have just celebrated Easter. One of my favorite church traditions from Zion is our unique way of celebrating the Risen Lord. I always cherish Easter Sunday and how Zion attendees greet one another and share the Good News. When seeing each other, the first will make the statement, “He is Risen!” quickly answered by the other person responding “Christ is Risen indeed, Hallelujah,” usually followed by a shared smile.

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Financial Report 2024.02

The financial statements for February are completed just in time to meet this month’s newsletter deadline. The following summarizes those reports: when comparing February to this month a year ago, General Fund income/offering is almost 7% higher, with a weekly average of just over $14,000. General Fund expenses for the month are about 24% higher than last February. A vast majority of that increase is due to increased staffing for positions not in place a year ago. The remainder of

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Blue and yellow yeart

Zion’s Outreach Improves the Lives of Ukrainian Refugees

As the war drags on in Ukraine, two years after the Russian invasion, Zion and our community can take some comfort in having made a positive impact on the lives of six families who have escaped to the safety of the United States. The families include twelve adults and six children. In most cases, they have found employment and are adjusting reasonably well. Thanks to the generous contributions of Zion members, Zion Foundation, St. Francis Xavier, Rotary, and others, over

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Kristi Wagner

Spring Update

God’s blessings to you all! Things are really hopping in the CFM department this month. As the beautiful spring weather moves in, we will discover the stories of Doubting Thomas, The Vineyard Workers and The Good Shepherd, and The Parable of the Rich Man. March was filled with Lent activities and learning. We are raising money for God’s Global Barnyard through the ELCA to purchase farm animals for families in need. Each Sunday we had a special dress up day

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Roger & Sandy Brenny at the Blessing Closet

Blessing Closet Donations and Distributions

How many times have you heard or said the following: “I want to donate my family clothes but not to a business or thrift store that turns around and makes money off my clothing.” “I want my clothing donation to go to people who need it.” Donating to the Blessing Closet can make both statements come true. We accept new or slightly used, clean, and washed kids and adult clothing along with any shoes. Anything that clients cannot use will

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Holding on: To Promises

Promises made, promises broken. Promises regretted, promises treasured. There are many kinds of promises, aren’t there? Some cut deep to our heart; we make them and would never want to break them. Some are made flippantly, some solemnly, and sadly some are made falsely. The flippant ones come in many forms.  I promise you I love the Vikings more than life itself. I promise you won’t hate the movie that much. And, sometimes, flippant promises come in the form of a

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A New Year

What a difference a year can make! Last year, we were collectively digging out of a mountain of snow, and enduring cold temps. This year, it was a very different story, with little to no snow, mild temps and green grass into December. It will be my pleasure to serve as the Council President again this year, along with Ashley Mattson returning as the VP. New this year, Josie LaFave and Andy Kohls, will begin their terms as Secretary and

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Could It Be You?

The Global Mission committee is putting feelers out to see if there are Zion members interested in joining our team. We meet on the second Tuesday night every other month, starting in January where we focus on efforts to support and serve our mission partners: All Kids Can Learn International (AKCLI) at the Village of Hope in Zambia, Mission Jamaica, and in our extended backyard of Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis. Help us plan and execute our initiatives including

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Here’s To Your Health

What are you doing to look after your health?  That may seem like a strange question coming from the stewardship committee! But, scientists and medical professionals have taken note of how practices and habits that help one aspect of health can help in another aspect of health. For physical health: Eat healthy foods Exercise regularly Avoid smoking Avoid excess drinking Regular doctor appointments For mental health: Connect with others Get active Be mindful Learn Give For spiritual health: Pray Read

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