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Blessing Closet Donations and Distributions

by Sandy & Roger Brenny
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How many times have you heard or said the following:
“I want to donate my family clothes but not to a business or thrift store that turns around and makes money off my clothing.” “I want my clothing donation to go to people who need it.”
Donating to the Blessing Closet can make both statements come true. We accept new or slightly used, clean, and washed kids and adult clothing along with any shoes. Anything that clients cannot use will be recycled with no items sent to landfills. Donations are accepted on Wednesdays in a ‘marked donation cart’ at the front door waiting for you to just drop off between 8:30am and 4:30pm. If it is an extra-large donation or you can’t make the time frame, please make an appointment by calling 763-317-6052. Distributions are held quarterly at Zion in Trinity Hall for all children and their families. Thousands of items of clothing are displayed for infants, toddlers, children, and adults. Everyone is welcome! There are no income or residency requirements to qualify for the FREE clothing. The quarterly distributions last year served 485 families including 1,239 kids and 761 adults with 37,790 items of clothing. In Total, that is $87,540 of value benefitted the community. WHAT A BLESSING!! Please consider volunteering. You not only enable others to achieve their dreams for success and self-sufficiency, but you help build a stronger community.  
Thursday, April 25
Blessing Closet Distribution Set-Up
Friday, April 26
Blessing Closet Distribution Set-Up
Saturday, April 27
Blessing Closet Distribution
Wednesday, May 1
Blessing Closet Diaper Distribution
Roger & Sandy Brenny at the Blessing Closet

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