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  • The Zion Lutheran Cemetery (Also known as the Carlslund Lutheran Cemetery) is located at the intersection of Highway 25 and 10th Street SE in Rockford township.
  • The Marysville Lutheran Cemetery (Also known as the Swedesburg Lutheran Cemetery) is located ¼ mile west of the Marysville Church on 25th Street SW in Marysville township.

Cemetery Guidelines

The following guidelines have been agreed upon by the Cemetery Board. Your compliance with these guidelines will help with the maintenance of the cemeteries.

  • All gravesite owners are encouraged to give $40 per year for maintenance of the cemeteries.
  • Artificial flowers are allowed from May 17 – June 7: after June 7 they must be removed, or the Cemetery Board may remove them.
  • Potted planters in stands must be next to apron or stone.
  • All plants and plant stands should be removed by October 1st, or they may be removed by the Cemetery Board.
  • Christmas wreaths are allowed.
  • No trees may be planted without the permission of the Cemetery Board.
  • The Cemetery Board reserves the right to remove any and all decorations, urns, vases, etc not complying with regulations.
  • No vehicles may drive off the marked roads.
  • All monuments should be approved by Cemetery Sexton.
  • Gravesites must be paid for at the time of arrangements (receipt given to family by Sexton).
  • A gravesite is 4ft by 10ft and may contain 1 traditional burial, or 1 traditional burial and 1 cremation urn, or 2 cremation urns.

Contact the church office for the Sexton’s name and contact information.

Zion’s historical burial records are available from: 

More general historical information about Wright County cemeteries may be available from:

Cemetery Changes

The Zion cemetery board held its winter meeting in early March and approved significant modifications to Zion cemetery this summer. Last summer, Zion purchased 3 acres surrounding the cemetery. The
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