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Zion’s Redeemer Connection

by Wanda Weber
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Global Missions welcomed Sally Ankerfelt, Minister of Outreach at our partner church, Redeemer Lutheran in Minneapolis, at the July committee meeting. Sally provided us with an update on the happenings at Redeemer and specifically asked that we share Redeemer’s gratitude and appreciation for Zion’s financial support over the years and prayers during these times.

Their most exciting news is that they have called a new pastor. Pastor Jen Collins will begin her call at Redeemer in mid-August! Interim pastor, Peter Samuelson, ended his work at Redeemer on July 1.

Our devotions for this meeting asked, ‘Where is your mission field?’ It doesn’t happen only across the globe but also occurs right here in our country, in our state, in our community, and in our church. Sally offered opportunities in which Zion’s mission focus can be carried out at Redeemer:

Diaper Drop (pictured below)

Every third Saturday and also anytime there is a 5th Saturday in the month, Redeemer coordinates the distribution of diapers and wipes at the nearby food shelf and they would welcome Zion’s involvement in the collection of supplies and the distribution at the diaper drop with Redeemer members.

Personal Relationships

Sally encouraged the building of relationships between the members of Zion and Redeemer. Pre-COVID, there were opportunities for Zion members to visit Redeemer services and events but, like so many events, COVID changed that routine. Joint online Bible studies between our two churches was an idea raised as a relationship-forming idea.

Financial Support

As one of our partner churches, Zion’s Global Missions sends quarterly payments to Redeemer. Sally was very thankful for Zion’s support, together with other churches that also financially support Redeemer, as some grants they had previously received have ended.

Redeemer and its members are very active in the Harrison community in which it is located. Some of its involvement includes the nearby food shelf mentioned above (which has served up to 157 families this year), housing outreach through Redeemer’s Center for Life, neighborhood cookouts, the Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar (focused on gun and police safety in north Minneapolis) meets at Redeemer, and they’re providing input on policing scenarios.

We are grateful for Sally’s update on Redeemer and her open conversation regarding racial tension and challenges in Minneapolis. Many local mission opportunities continue in the backyard at Redeemer.

Diaper distribution at Redeemer

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