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What is Next?

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An update from Zion’s Transition Team

March 16th through April 17th will be a crucial time frame for Zion’s next steps in this transition period. To help make the search for our next Senior Pastor as effective as possible it is vitally important to have congregational participation in these next steps. Your input, prayers, and participation will help shape the future for Zion’s mission and ministry.

  • On March 16th, the link for taking the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) goes live, giving Zion members the opportunity to participate in shaping the future of the ministry of Zion.
  • The CAT is a professionally designed survey tool created by a church consulting company.
    • Hundreds of congregations have successfully used the CAT in the Call process for their senior pastor. The CAT helps summarize the prioritized mission emphasis and leadership qualities for the next Sr. Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church.
  • In order for the CAT to be most useful to Zion, we need a high degree of congregation participation.
  • The CAT will be available on-line via a confidential link. Your answers are completely confidential.
  • Zion’s Transition Team will be providing computer labs for taking the CAT for those who do not have computer access and/or do not feel comfortable completing the survey electronically from home.
  • This is also a confidential way of taking the assessment. We will provide 1:1 help in getting you set-up and comfortable taking the survey at Zion and then you will be able to complete the assessment, with help nearby should you need it.
  • Around April 25th, the results of Zion’s CAT will be made available to the Transition Team.
  • After a consultation with the HolyCow! Church consulting firm (to help us interpret and summarize the results of the CAT), the Transition Team will schedule Q & A opportunities for the congregation to see the results of the CAT and learn about our next steps in the transition time. We anticipate it will be early May when these sessions are offered.

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