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by Jameson Wakefield
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I would like to start off by answering what I believe will be a question many of you reading this article will be asking yourself. “I thought he said he would not be serving a second term as council president.” So did I. At the beginning of this year I was given the opportunity to serve on the Buffalo City Council to fill a vacancy for the remainder of a departing councilman’s term.

Given the duties of this role, I wasn’t comfortable committing to another term as council president because I didn’t feel I could fulfill both roles adequately. This brings me to the reason for the title of this article which is Together.

What do I mean by Together? When we were electing the executive positions for our council at the meeting in February the other members of the council said they could help take some of the tasks and together we could address the duties of the council. The idea of together makes it possible when I thought it wasn’t possible.

Perhaps this is a long way to get to the main idea of what I want to talk about this month. We go into a new year with as many questions as we have had for the past two years. We may have better insight in some ways but we still don’t have all the answers, but together we can continue to move forward. On Sunday, February 6, we had 290 people at the 10:30 service.

Families were there to celebrate the first communion of their children and mark a milestone in their journey in Christ Jesus. We also had 19 new members introduced to the congregation! These are ways that together we can continue to move forward and grow our dedication, involvement, and commitment to the ministries of Zion.

Please think about what you can do in the church to help advance our ministry. Whether it is preparing for the Blessing Closet, volunteering for Sunday school or youth programs, working in the nursery, helping with communion, or just greeting people as they come to Sunday worship services, think about how you can contribute to the congregational community. Together we make Zion a welcoming home for so many and we can welcome even more because together we are capable of so much more.

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