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Redeemer Center For Life Thanks

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Zion continues to reach out and support our Mission Partners in various ways.  For years Zion has been providing quarterly payments to Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis and to All Kids Can Learn International (Village of Hope) in Zambia.  Both of these Mission partners along with Mission Jamaica are three global mission partners that we at Zion support.  For the past few years our annual Zion golf outing proceeds have been distributed to these mission partners.  In 2021 the proceeds were earmarked for Redeemer Center for Life (RCFL)’s Attainable Housing Program.  Specifically for a new water heater for an apartment building.  Through Zion and the Buffalo Community we were able to send RCFL a check for $5007 to help purchase the water heater.  We received the following thank you from them:

Thank you so much for your extremely generous donation to RCFL from the proceeds of your golf tournament.  We are so grateful to be the recipient of this fundraising effort and it seems like the event was a huge success- CONGRATS!

We really appreciate Zion’s commitment to our partnership and this donation is a particularly impressive example of stewardship and investment in RCFL and your dedication to us.  Thank You!

We are thrilled to be able to use these funds to continue updating and renovating our affordable housing.  Thank you so much for your ongoing investment in our work and mission in North Minneapolis!
Sincerely, Bex Klafter, Director of Donor Development, Redeemer Center for Life

The Global Mission Committee thanks everyone for your continued support of our mission to reach out and support our partners in their efforts to improve their lives.  God has blessed us by providing us with the opportunity to share our gifts with others.

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