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Enter the Bible

by Pastor Kari Bahe
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Looking for some help with New Year’s Resolutions?  If you have decided to learn more about the Bible or to spend more time getting to know the scriptures, there is a wonderful resource available at

A wide variety of learning tools await you. It is a local gem that has world-wide reach. Every article, video, and podcast is either written or reviewed by Luther Seminary professors. Unlike some websites the information on Enter the Bible is accurate and as a bonus, it contains a sound Lutheran understanding of the Bible. Luther Seminary, located in St. Paul is the ELCA’s largest seminary and has some of the most thought-provoking and skilled Biblical scholars in the world on its faculty.

There are courses [free] to take at your own pace, timelines to help you place the events of the Bible in order, videos, and a “Got Questions” section for all those things you want to know about the Bible but have felt too foolish to ask.  The website is for glancing at and for in-depth study.

You’ll find topical Bible studies like “Falling out of Grace and Finding Home” and “How the Book of Job Changed my Life” or take a course to study the Bible book by book, gaining interesting insights along the way.

The mission of Enter the Bible is to “help everyday disciples and spiritual seekers engage in Scripture in ways that are thoughtful, accessible, and faithful.” I highly recommend it!

Enter the Bible

Pastor Kari Bahe

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