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Financial Report 2022.05

by John Lindlief
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The finance report for the month of May looks much like those of recent months.  Our income last month was a little over $58,500 which is about 5.5% more than was given in May of 2021.  Income for the year to date still lags behind last year’s by about $16,000 or 4.8%.

With the resumption of our programming, expenses for the month were about $10,000 more than we incurred in May of 2021.  For the year to date our expenses are about $53,000 more than we had spent at this point last year.  That’s about an 18.% increase.

As in the past months, our expenses in May exceeded our income.  This month it was about $4,000.  For the year so far our income has fallen short of our expenses by about $24,500.

It is exciting to experience all the activity that is going on at Zion!  Thanks to all for your part in making this happen.


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