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A Note from Pastor Ted

by Pastor Ted Vanderpan
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“What an awesome ministry Zion has!” I have heard that statement numerous times over the last nearly 12 years. It has been a joy to be a part of this awesome ministry.

While I have enjoyed our ministry together, I am writing to inform you that I have accepted a call as an Interim Pastor to serve Prairie Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie, MN. I will be leaving Zion July, 4th after Sunday morning worship.

I believe Zion needs a new Senior Pastor. We have done some great ministry, started new missions, and expanded our service in the community and world during the last 12 years. I really have enjoyed being the Senior Pastor here at Zion.  But I also think that Zion is at a place when it is time for some new ideas and direction for Zion’s best. I too am looking forward to doing new things and for a fresh start in another congregation.

I have gotten to know many of you pretty well and enjoyed our friendship. I will miss being your pastor. But, it is very important that when pastors move to another congregation that they no longer involve themselves with ministry to members of the former church. That is a difficult thing for some pastors to do but it is necessary for the good of the church.

As I leave, I want to remind you that I will no longer be able to perform any pastoral acts for Zion members. I have developed good relationships with older adults, younger parents, youth and children. I have baptized your children and buried your parents. I will no longer be able to do those kinds of pastoral acts. I ask that you not ask me to do weddings, funerals, and such things. I can attend functions as a friend but as much as I would like to, I cannot perform any official pastoral acts for members of Zion in the future.  This is necessary for the congregation, members, and myself to move on to the next chapter of Zion’s life.

Sara and I plan to stay in our home, so I expect I will see you around the community occasionally. I will enjoy the opportunity to stop and talk with you, catch up and hear about the great new things Zion is doing.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Senior Pastor.

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