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Pastor Kari Bahe

Foundation Blessings

The Zion Foundation is a blessing which carries out ministry and mission through financial grants. The Zion Foundation was officially formed in 1978. It is a result of some great forward-thinking leadership. A Foundation is a non-profit corporation with the general purpose and plan to receive financial gifts and hold the principal of such gifts in perpetuity. Which means, that Zion Foundation monies remain intact and only interest income is used for disbursement of grants. According to the bylaws of

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Lenten Giving 2023

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 22 Lent is a season of forty days (not counting Sundays), beginning with Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday, leading up to Easter Sunday. It is a time of repentance, self-examination, reflection, and preparation for the coming of Easter—a time to grow spiritually in our relationship with God. During Lent, some may wish to give up something or take on something new, such as regular Bible reading or reaching out to find new ways of

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Eldor Jordan

January 2016 Eldor Jordan is one of Zion’s newest employees, taking over as evening and weekend custodian when his friend, Dave Lindberg, left the position recently to return to the Enfield rest area where they had worked together. I came over and toured the church and felt it was a good fit for me, and it is. I enjoy working with Lynn and Joel, and the staff at Zion. Eldor grew up in the Browns Valley and Beardsley area, where

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